Merit Badges

Merit Badges are required for the ranks of Star, Life and Eagle.  Procedure for earning a Merit Badge are as follows:

1) Talk to your Scoutmaster - You must get your Scoutmaster's approval prior to starting work on any merit badge.  He must provide you with a"Blue Card" and sign it for you to proceed.  He will also recommend a Counselor who will work best with you.

2) Call a Merit Badge Counselor.  Follow the link to obtain a list of Merit Badge Counselors that have been approved by the SE Wisconsin Council to work with you on a merit badge.  It is important that you make talk to your counselor BEFORE you do any work on the merit badge.  If you proceed to do any work on the merit badge prior to talking to the MB Counselor, you run the risk of him/her not accepting any of your hard work and making you start all over again.

You must talk to a MB Counselor who has been approved by the SE Wisconsin Council.  Do not make the mistake of working with someone who is NOT an approved MB Counselor.  Just because a friend or family member has knowledge of the skills taught in a particular merit badge, doesn't mean that person has been trained and approved by the BSA to work with a Scout.  Make sure this person is on the approved list via the link listed below.  If you must work with a MB Counselor from another Council, talk to your Scoutmaster first.

3) Get the signature from your MB Counselor on the Blue Card signifying that it has been completed.

4) Show the completed Blue Card to your Scoutmaster for his signature.

5) Turn your Blue Card in to the Troop Advancement Chair.

Congrats - you're done.  Note: failing to follow any of these steps may cause a tremendous waste of your time!  Make sure you follow each step - in order.

List of Merit Badge Counselors

The link below will take you to the list of SE Wisconsin Merit Badge Counselors.  The website is the SE Wisconsin Council website.  You'll be asked for a username and password.

The username is meritbadges634
The password is meritbadge

Once you have entered this info, you'll be taken to a screen that has a "Feature List on the lower left hand side of the screen.  Select "Merit Badge Counselors" from that list. Next you'll be taken to a screen with a drop down box.  Select "All" and proceed to the next screen.  Here, you'll be shown drop down boxes for the Merit Badges.  Select "Council" in the second box, "All Units" in the third, then select the merit badge you would like in the first box and click on the "search botton next to the first box.  This will give you a list of Merit Badge Counselors and their phone numbers for that merit badge. 
clicjk here to see the list of merit badge counselors for the Southeast Wisconsin Council Boy Scouts of America