Troop 507 Online Permission Slip
Permission to attend the following function with Troop 507:
I will pay for the function in the following manner:
I understand that Troop 507 and it's leaders are not responsible for the actions of my son(s) if they lead to damage or injury, whether accidental or otherwise, during official BSA / Troop functions.

In addition, Troop 507's leaders have my permission to call emergency rescue squads and to have my son(s) transported to the nearest hospital in the case of an emergency.
Emergency Contact
Phone number
Printing your name here is the same as signing it.
Name of Chaperone who will be attending.
If you are not attending, write NONE in the box below.
This online permission slip is the preferred method of telling us that your son is attending a Troop 507 function.  Scouts will not be permitted to attend Troop 507 functions without having a permission slip.

Permission slips are due no later than 2 Troop Meetings prior to the event!!!

For information regarding the costs for a particular camping trip or activity, we'll direct you to the Troop Treasurer, Melanie Loomis,  The purchase of groceries for all people (Scouts and adults) who will be attending a campout is determined at the Troop Meeting 2 weeks prior to the camping trip. Therefore, if you tell us that you or your son is going on a camping trip and then cancel a day or two prior to the trip, groceries have been purchased for you and/or your son and you will be billed whether your son attends or not.

The Scouts make their menus.  It's a challenge for many of them to come up with a shopping list. When it is your son's turn to purchase groceries, please do not deviate from the shopping list (or do the shopping for him).  Planning a menu and shopping is one of the rank advancement requirements.

The menus that the Scouts create (and resulting shopping lists) are based on the number of Scouts who will be eating with his Patrol - for any meal.  The Scouts find making the menus difficult under perfect conditions, they cannot handle the planning for kids coming and going throughout the weekend.  Therefore, if your son will be eating one meal with his Patrol and then leaving for whatever reason (or coming late), he will be charged for food for the entire campout.

The purpose of camping in Boy Scouts is rank advancment.  Every camping trip, Scouts are working on rank advancement requirments and developing leadership skills.  The Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters are present  
to make sure this advancment and leadership development happens, to ensure the safety of the Scouts and to keep the peace.

We need parents to assist in the transportation of Scouts to and from these activities and occassionally pull equipment trailers if their vehicles are so equipped.  All parents who attend camping trips and outings with the Scouts are required to complete the BSA and Catholic Church Youth Protection Training and submit to a background check.

The parents on a camping trip will cook and camp seperately from the Scouts.  We belong to the Lawn Chair Patrol.  The Lawn Chair Patrol has a complete Camp Kitchen.  We do not have extra tents or eating gear for parents, you'll have to bring your own.  The Scoutmaster and his Assistants ask that the parents interact with the Scouts as little as possible on a camping trip.  It can be frustrating to watch the Scouts learn new skills.  We know that you want to jump in and help, but then you are denying an older Scout from learning his leadership skills.  If you see a problem developing between two Scouts, please bring it to the attention of the Scoutmaster.

If you must bring snacks or sodas, we ask that you consume these out of sight of the Scouts.  Please don't bring "goodies" for the Scouts. Bringing "goodies" for the Scoutmaster is encouraged.

Smoking is recognized by the BSA as a health hazard.  We realize some parents do smoke, but ask that you do so out of sight of the Scouts.  All parents must agree to the BSA policy on the prohibition of alchohol and drugs on camping trips.

You will have an option on the permission slip to attend a function with your son.  If you tell us you're coming, then food will be purchased and you will be billed in the same fashion as the Scouts, whether you attend or not.

If your son is purchasing groceries for a camping trip, please submit the receipt to the Troop Treasurer as soon as possible for reimbursement.  Vehicles that are pulling Troop Equipment trailers on camping trips are reimbursed for 50% of their submitted gas receipts and only with prior Troop Committee Approval.  Camping Trips of excessive distance (Philmont, Summer Camp, Camp Sqa-ta-lot, Mammoth Cave), will have a special budget for fuel.  A Scout is Thrifty.  We limit the number of vehicles going on these trips to the bare minimum to save on fuel costs.

Any parent who will be arriving late or leaving early from a camping trip or outing should drive their own vehicle.  Also, any parent who attends a camping trip and would like to leave the camping location for personal reasons should drive their own vehicle.  These parents should not expect any fuel reimbursment. 

Family Members and vistors:
Occassionally, we have family members (siblings) who wish to attend a camping trip with a chaperone.  They will camp and eat with the Lawn Chair Patrol and charged for food accordingly.  They are the sole responsibility of their parents.  Under no circumstances will a sibling be allowed to attend without a parent.  

Scouts are encouraged to recruit their friends into Scouting and attend a Troop function.  This applies to visiting Webelos Scouts as well.  The permission slip below has a line for this occassion.  That visitor's parent should submit this permission slip in the same manner as our Scouts' parents.  These potential Scouts will camp with the Scouts and will be assigned to a specific Patrol for food.  

Webelos Scouts must have a parent attending a Campout (BSA policy).  These parents will camp and eat with the Lawn Chair Patrol.

I hereby give my son,

Will you be chaperoning this event?
Are you able to drive to this event?
Number of available seatbelts besides myself
Yes - I will be attending this Event with my Scout
No - I will not be attending this event.
Yes - I will transport Scouts to this event
No - I can not trasport Scouts to this event.